Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Geometry and Integrating Subjects

We are thoroughly enjoying our first geometry block! We are using LE Geometry and finding it an inspiring, intriguing approach. Today, we did an interesting activity drawing first two parallel lines. As soon as I find the camera, I will post a picture.

Using Rudolf Steiner's idea of economy in teaching, we are pulling spelling words from the Geometry lessons. Here is a partial list of words from the last week or two:


We now have shorter Main Lessons, integrating a bit Charlotte Mason style. So instead of belaboring whether and what and how much writing to do each day, I simply set the timer for 15-20 minutes and "copywork" (or dictation) may or may not be related to Main Lesson, especially since we are currently in a math block. So for instance, my son has written a couple of passages that are related to this block (one on Euclid and one on the 3-4-5 triangle). On other days, to keep the writing practice going, I will pull a particularly beautiful passage from one of the books we have recently read, or maybe from a poem.

The more I read directly from Steiner, the more I am encouraged. When he spoke of "economy" of teaching, I do not think he meant for this to be as labor intensive as we often make it!

I am finding some of what "Steiner said" to be startling!! -- in a good way. In future posts, I will share some of my discoveries. In the meantime, I highly recommend Practical Advice to Teachers, and The Kingdom of Childhood.

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