Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Our Advent Spiral

W.I.S.H. (Waldorf-inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers) celebrated its 7th Annual Advent Spiral this past Sunday, December 6 at the
Sacramento Yoga Center. Here are a few pictures from our event.

Setting up the spiral. 3-5 Adults and/or 'big kids' are needed. Someone needs to collect the boughs; get some big sheets or painters' drop cloths to cover the floor (for easy clean-up). Carved wooden animals and/or large shells, crystals, etc., add a nice touch. Get some golden stars from your local craft store to put along the path where the children will set the candles. A large stump in the middle is nice for the center candle.

We moved the yoga mats, etc., out of the corner to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

These "after pictures" were taken after all the children and their parents had left. You don't want cameras flashing at such an event!

Below is a close-up of one of the animals that 2 children chose to put their candles near. Someone will need to purchase enough apples and white candles for the event. The 4" 'emergency' candles sold at hardware and drug stores work well. Just carve enough out of the core section to hold the candle tightly.

Here is a beautiful large shell. This child didn't quite get the apple on the star. The stars help to collect any dripping wax. Try to place them near the beautiful shells, crystals and animals so that when the room lights up they can be seen!

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