Monday, August 02, 2010

The Lost Tools of Writing

This fall I will start a new endeavor with my son and a small group of middle-school aged homeschoolers: a writing class based on "The Lost Tools of Writing" from the CiRCE Institute. I am very excited about this program!

I spent the last couple of years researching different programs including IEW, Classical Writing, Classical Composition, Writing Strands and a few other tutorial-based programs.

One of the reasons I am so excited about this program is that it is based in Ancient Rhetoric -- which was my major in college. It addresses all of the major problems that students run into when faced with the task of writing. This is done in a systematic way that is manageable for both teacher and student.

Another strength of the program is that it not only teaches the students to write, but how to think. They are introduced to thinking tools that will improve their writing, and will have the opportunity to express and discuss their ideas while learning to form sound arguments.

Had I learned to write in this way, it would have saved me so much time with all of those college essays. I am confident that even by completing just Level 1, these students will be well-equipped for any writing assignments they undertake in high school or college.

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