Saturday, December 04, 2010

Some Advent Verses

Just pulled out an old publication that a friend gave me called Collected Poems for Class Teachers and Eurythmists. Here are some nice ones for the Advent Season.

ADVENT by Ann Ellerton

Now the twilight of the year
Comes, and Christmas draweth near.

See, across the Advent sky
How the clouds move quietly.

Earth is waiting, wrapt in sleep,
Waiting in a silence deep.

Birds are hid in bush and reed
Flowers are sleeping in their seed.

Through the woodland to and fro
silent-footed creatures go.

Hedgehog curled in prickly ball
Burrows 'neath the leaves that fall.

Man and beast and bird and flower
Waiting for the midnight hour
Waiting for the Christ-child's birth
Christ who made the heaven and earth.

Coming Towards Advent

Verses --
In darkest night
The earth shall be light
And gleam as a star --
You and I
I and you
We will give our light too --

When days are darkest
The earth enshrines
The seeds of Summer's birth
The spirit of man
Is a light that shines
Deep in the darkness of earth --

O radiant star of Bethlehem
Lead onward thro' the night
That we in winter's darkest days
May see thy guiding light.

Sun, moon and stars
Shining wide and far
Over land, over sea
Over you, over me.
For my soul's delight
Shine into my heart.


Kirsten said...

Love it! said...

I've loved this poem since 1996, after receiving it at a Waldorf teacher training. No author's name was included.

Just googled a line before passing the poem along to loved ones with new babies, wishing to find the poet's name so I could give them credit. Thanks to you, I did!

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to Ann Ellerton for this beautiful poem, which is part of our family's tradition these past 15 years. Merry Christmas.