Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Opening Day! Wholistic Learning Resources

We had a wonderful opening day for our Waldorf-inspired classes at Wholistic Learning Resources. Our teachers, Rumi Gant and Marguerite McKenna, welcomed the children into the new space at the American River Grange in Rancho Cordova. Everyone, parents and children alike, were very excited to begin this new endeavor! A special thanks to my husband, Tim, son, Noah and friend, Carrie, who came early and helped get everything set up!

Once the children got settled, parents enjoy coffee, tea and snacks in the yard. We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather.

Two wet-on-wet watercolor paintings from the older children's class. Starting with an experience of pure color, the teacher gently guides the children into the creation of form.

Our Community Handwork Circle will begin March 8. Learn more about us here.

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Tan Family said...

It was an amazing day! Looking forward to next week.